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I just adopted a dog from the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control center during the Clear the Shelters adoption campaign. It appears the dog must have been exposed at the shelter, because I brought her home on Sunday night, and by Friday night, one of my dogs at home lost interest in eating. By Saturday, she was very ill with sneezing, runny nose, difficulty breathing through the nose, lethargy, fever, and total lack of appetite. By the end of the weekend, all three dogs had symptoms, but not as severe as my smallest dog in the pack. The shelter dog does more coughing than the others, ending it vomiting clear mucous repeatedly. I noticed it’s mostly when her stomach is empty, so if I feed her a little something early in the morning when her coughing is the worst, she will cough but not vomit. They are all 3 sneezing. The smallest dog is clearly the most ill. I ordered a homeopathic remedy for nasal symptoms from Amazon and began administering it to all 3 dogs on Tuesday late morning. I’ve seen improvement in the shelter dog and my largest dog. My smallest dog (5 year old, 19-lb. labeagle), who was also a former shelter dog, is still pretty sick, but she has shown some improvement with the drops. She was far sicker than the others before we started the remedy, so I didn’t expect her improvement to be as significant as theirs. In any case, she became a bit more active…following us to other rooms, getting in my lap for loving, and following the other dogs outside to use the bathroom. She will only eat out of my hand, and only a very small amount. For at least one meal a day, she turns her head away completely and refuses to eat. I’ve been getting her different foods to eat to entice her…it seems the only thing to tempt her is chunks with gravy. Anyway, I’m also offering her a variety of treats to get some calories into her, but she mostly refuses those, too. Her eyes are running more than usual leaving tear tracks on her face, and she is sniffling constantly. It leaves her not well rested, and I feel bad for her. What else can I do, and should I be concerned about complication in this one dog? The shelter dog was already scheduled for her first vet exam next week, and the largest dog is only affected in a limited way. Those two dogs are eating well and very active. Any suggestions on what I can do for the little dog to make her more comfortable and/or shorten/lessen the severity of her symptoms?

Influenza can be associated with various neurologic and behavioral symptoms (including hallucinations, delirium, abnormal behavior), with fatal outcomes in some cases; such events may occur with encephalitis or encephalopathy but can occur without obvious severe disease. There are postmarketing reports (mostly in Japan) of delirium and abnormal behavior leading to injury, with fatal outcomes in some cases, in influenza patients using this drug. Although frequency is unknown, based on usage, these events appear uncommon. These events were primarily reported in pediatric patients, often with abrupt onset and rapid resolution. The contribution of this drug to such events has not been established.

Side effects with similar or higher incidence among placebo patients included insomnia. [ Ref ]

Thank you for your posts. I too have some kind of shoulder injury. However mine is NOT from the flu but from Prevnar (either meningitis or pneumonia), and it was a 4th semester nursing student, about to graduate, who injected me. When she wiped my shoulder I told her she was too high (I am a surgical tech and just got into nursing school myself) I told her to go lower, she said ok and dropped down maybe 2 mm. I instantly had pain in my shoulder joint. I have no previous injuries to my shoulder but by the end of the day I had lost almost all range of motion in my arm. The loss of ROM lasted for almost 3 days but never fully returned. I cant lift my arm in certain directions and the pain is through the roof at times, especially when scrubbing and gowning and gloving surgeons. Its been 9 days and nothing helps. Can anyone tell me if the symptoms they were experiencing went away?

Steroids test flu

steroids test flu


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