Steroid users pics

I totally understand what kind of job you had. I work at a Wally World distribution center. Started in shipping, loading about 3 to 4 full semi’s a day. Didn’t know how much weight I loaded. Then switched to non conveyable. When in dog food, I’d stack about 60k/lbs in 12 hours. That was MUCH easier than shipping. My first year, I struggled. Then I talked to my bro-in-law, who is a personal trainer, found and I started to do good. I was taking creatine and C4 prior to work, and took an Animal Pak with UniLiver every break, while eating protien every 3-4 hours. This brought me to Muscle for Life and The Books. I’m in maintenance department now, and are about to join a gym. I’ve been wanting to get the Legion multi’s and switch to Legion supplements. I’m about done reading BLS, and are gonna start the year one challenge. I’ve aready bought BBLS and Shredded Chef. I get excited every time I think about my goals.

Since the steroid scene is relatively new in the Middle East, side effects have not been incurred by many local bodybuilders. Media coverage of the adverse effects of steroid use has been lethargic and abnormally limited with only (2) articles produced by Al Jazeera and Deutsche Welle News in Germany. The death of Baitollah Abbaspour should test the will of the Arabic Muslim society to face difficult truths about their blind acceptance of steroid use.
Baitollah Abbaspour was only 165centimeters tall with an offseason weight of 101 kilograms and competitive weight of 95 kilograms. Estimates based on photographs suggest that he died at a weight range closer to 50 – 55 kilograms (est. 103 lbs).

I am not a fan of Efron but some of these arguments are a bit weak. His hair doesnt appear to have decreased, they are just shorter and pulled back. Plus that first picture is like 8 yrs ago… He always had a square face but now its just a lot leaner thus making the angles more pronounced.
Maybe he did juice, but as you say it doesnt look like he added a lot of muscle mass from the Neighbors movie. Also keep in mind, that all the pics we have seen from the Baywatch set are Efron working out, meaning his muscles are definitely pumped and pronounced along with his vascularity.
Like I said we do not know really, but the evidence provided in this article are really not very convincing.

Steroid users pics

steroid users pics


steroid users picssteroid users picssteroid users picssteroid users picssteroid users pics