Steroid statistic graphs

re: “We are far from figuring it out though but if we use a bit of common
sense we can easily see humans were meant to eat more than plants. How
do I know this? Well luckily for us we have a program…”
This is the first time I have seen someone use a reality TV program as evidence about human nutrition. You are talking about contrived situations. That’s not very compelling evidence to me. Compare reality TV to real human populations. The 4 healthiest populations on the planet are primarily plant based eaters. You are correct that they are not vegan. But they are very close. So, the most anyone could claim when it comes to eating animals is that it is healthy to eat say 3%? animal products. (Some very low, low number.)

I agree that humans are obviously not obligate carnivores.  However, the fact remains that vegetables (with the exception of root starches) provide little caloric value to us: there are perhaps 70 available calories in an entire pound of mixed greens.   Our colon (the only part of the digestive tract in which bacterial fermentation, and therefore the digestion of cellulose, occurs) is 17-23% of total human gut volume, whereas it's over 50% for chimpanzees (who are primarily frugivores, not folivores, and who still hunt and eat some quantity of meat).

Steroid statistic graphs

steroid statistic graphs


steroid statistic graphssteroid statistic graphssteroid statistic graphssteroid statistic graphssteroid statistic graphs