Serious side effects of steroids

Adverse reactions reported since market introduction that were temporally related to CYMBALTA therapy and not mentioned elsewhere in labeling include: acute pancreatitis , anaphylactic reaction, aggression and anger (particularly early in treatment or after treatment discontinuation), angioneurotic edema, angle-closure glaucoma , colitis ( microscopic or unspecified), cutaneous vasculitis (sometimes associated with systemic involvement), extrapyramidal disorder, galactorrhea , gynecological bleeding, hallucinations, hyperglycemia , hyperprolactinemia, hypersensitivity, hypertensive crisis, muscle spasm, rash, restless legs syndrome, seizures upon treatment discontinuation, supraventricular arrhythmia , tinnitus (upon treatment discontinuation), trismus , and urticaria .

The popularity of flax seeds as a vegetarian source of Omega 3 fatty acids has been on the surge in the recent days. It is also a rich source of fiber, which makes it a weight loss friendly diet choice. The abundance of phytochemicals and lignans are known to be beneficial for everyone, especially women. Since there is an extensive hype regarding the goodness of these seeds, the side effects of flax seeds have been ignored. Knowing the effects of flax seeds will help you decide the right quantity to be included in the diet, while addressing the negative reactions in a better way.

Serious side effects of steroids

serious side effects of steroids


serious side effects of steroidsserious side effects of steroidsserious side effects of steroidsserious side effects of steroidsserious side effects of steroids