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Big government for education

Moon stresses the role of the government in child care and education. His education reform plan is based on the idea of providing fair opportunities for all, and he seeks to reduce household spending on private education by reinforcing public education.

While tuition for elementary and middle school are currently covered by the government, Moon pledged to expand the plan to provide free education for preschool and high school as well.

For school reform, Moon sought to redirect the current academic-oriented education to provide more diversified learning choices for students. Calling it “DIY” education, he pledged to reduce the number of mandatory subjects while increasing electives, and to allow students to choose their subjects of interest. He believes this will give them a chance to delve further into skills that could later lead to their future jobs.

Middle and high school students would also be able to take a semester off, similar to university students.

Moon also plans to simplify college admissions to reflect the students’ school transcripts, grades and test scores. Moon maintains that having too many ways to enter university only increases the burden of providing private education.

Reducing moon face from steroids

reducing moon face from steroids


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