Racz epidural steroid injection

In an RACZ caudal neurolysis procedure, you will be lying face down, typically on a pillow or cushion to arch your back and provide comfort and support. Your doctor will first inject an anesthetic into the sacral hiatus, which is an opening in the sacrum, a triangular bone at the base of your spine that’s connected to your tailbone. Next, the doctor will inject a contrast solution into the affected area so that it appears clearly on an x-ray machine called a fluoroscope. Then a catheter is inserted, allowing your doctor to inject a steroid/anesthetic medication that soothes the painful area and dissolves the problematic scar tissue. Your doctor may inject other medications into the area in successive shots, or even ask you to go through the procedure again in a few months’ time for further treatment.

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Racz epidural steroid injection

racz epidural steroid injection


racz epidural steroid injectionracz epidural steroid injectionracz epidural steroid injectionracz epidural steroid injectionracz epidural steroid injection