Pictures of pitbulls on steroids

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The Pit Bull breed later appeared in America when some of the immigrants brought their dogs along with their families and possessions. At this early of America, the Pit Bull Dogs were valued for their fighting skills. Instead of being used in blood sports, the immigrants utilized the dog as a guardian and a protector. Pit Bulls were used to protect homesteads against intruders and dangerous animals. Also, they were used to help hunters and as hog catchers. More importantly, the Pit Bulls were the companions of the immigrant’s young children thus enabling the dog breed to have a place in the individual home and society.

Pictures of pitbulls on steroids

pictures of pitbulls on steroids


pictures of pitbulls on steroidspictures of pitbulls on steroidspictures of pitbulls on steroidspictures of pitbulls on steroidspictures of pitbulls on steroids