Liquid steroid for croup side effects

Bill, thanks very much for your thorough reply. I am wondering if there is anything there that would flush out meds as I do need to take some. I also hear that ginger is a great anti inflammatory, but am unsure of how much you should use. I have some ground ginger and raw ginger, but am not sure if you could add a spoonful to soups or cooking or even raw ginger itself, and especially what amounts to use. Also, would ginseng be helpful for this ailment. You state about Vitamin C, and I am wondering would taking raw fruit be as beneficial, say in a smoothie, and what particular fruits might be used, I find bananas, tomatoes to be beneficial. I am wondering if mammograms or anything like this could have an effect on this ESR number/inflammation, as I have not really felt 100% since having one. I am finding that the use of the steroids makes me feel quite exhausted/and prone to sweats so I am grateful for your help. Many thanks

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Liquid steroid for croup side effects

liquid steroid for croup side effects


liquid steroid for croup side effectsliquid steroid for croup side effects