The influence of glucocorticosteroids on plasma volume, thyroid hormones and thyroid hormone-binding proteins was studied in 17 patients. Plasma volume was not affected either by . beta-methasone (6 mg daily) or by oral prednisolone (45--180 mg daily) given for 5 days. The serum T3 concentration decreased while rT3 increased independently of the route of administration of corticosteroids. Serum T4 concentration decreased after . but not after oral administration of corticosteroids. Oral steroids as compared to . increased the 125I-triiodothyronine uptake test value. The serum TBG concentration decreased independently of the route of administration, while the serum TBPA concentration increased after oral corticosteroids but was unchanged after . treatment. The serum TSH concentration was slightly reduced. About half of the patients were given both corticosteroids and nutrition . and the other half were given all treatment by mouth. The part played by the route of administration of corticosteroids and calories, respectively, cannot be evaluated at present but these factors seem to be of importance.