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The Astros left fielder often stands at the edge of the Crawford Boxes, on the center-field side, because the Astros believe if a ball is hit in the air to the left, it’s either going to be a home run or bang off the fence, or have enough loft that the left fielder will have the time to run it down. And by playing at the corner of the Crawford Boxes on the center-field side, the left fielder is assured of direct access to the drives that are hit into the area of the cutout. If the left fielder is positioned in the typical spot in Minute Maid and a ball is hit into that recessed section, then the left fielder has to turn the corner of the Crawford Boxes in pursuit. More and more, visiting teams have mimicked the way the Astros position their left fielders -- an alignment that paid off when Gonzalez threw out Bird, after having a better angle to close on the hit and make a throw home.

In June 2006, French newspaper Le Monde reported claims by Betsy and Frankie Andreu during a deposition that Armstrong had admitted using performance-enhancing drugs to his physician just after brain surgery in 1996. The Andreus' testimony was related to litigation between Armstrong and SCA Promotions, a Texas insurer who balked at paying a $5 million bonus for Armstrong's sixth Tour victory due to the claims raised in L. A. Confidentiel. This was settled out of court with SCA paying Armstrong and Tailwind Sports $ million, to cover the $5-million bonus plus interest and lawyers' fees. Betsy Andreu's testimony stated, "And so the doctor asked him a few questions, not many, and then one of the questions he asked was... have you ever used any performance-enhancing drugs? And Lance said yes. And the doctor asked, what were they? And Lance said, growth hormone , cortisone , EPO , steroids and testosterone ." [31]

Hamilton steroid bust

hamilton steroid bust


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