Did hodgetwins take steroids

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Seriously, keep in mind that the human body is an adaptive creature. If you are changing 20 different variables at once, you are going to have no idea what is working, what isn’t. As you adapt to these new variables you have to keep in mind “what’s my next progression”. As an example, say that someone wants to get in shape and they decide to run an hour a day, do intermittent fasting with an 8 hour feeding window and cut their calories to 1000 per day. Their body is going adapt at some point…they aren’t going to continue to lose weight indefinitely until they weigh like 12 pounds. When they adapt and plateau, what’s their next progression? Are they going to need to run 2 hours a day…cut their feeding window to 4 hours…cut their calories to 500? Of course this is an extreme example to illustrate a point, but as James said, take it slower, observe what each variable does, milk each one for what it’s worth and then move on to the next progression. But that is just my opinion. Most people want faster results and some people need faster results or they lose interest/motivation. I started seriously thinking about leaning down almost 2 years ago, and while the first few months I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to take, I stuck with that mindset, started out with almost a 40 inch waist and am down to around 35 now with bumps for abs. If I didn’t deadlift, my waist size would probably be smaller, something that I have noted from observing my variables, so that isn’t a number that I get too worked up about. I’m not ripped, but I’m not “dieting” either. I make one lifestyle change at a time, and if it works, I keep it. Then after awhile, it’s on to the next one. But that’s just me and my own personal opinion. Good luck!

Very simple yet informative article. I appreciate how you describe different methods quite clearly. Was wondering what you thought about the Bulletproof method which consists of high quality coffee with mct/coconut oil and grass fed butter.
I do BJJ about 2-3 times a week. Sometimes twice in one day and on off days do light weights and/or HIT treadmill/eliptical sessions of about 35 mins.
I’m eating sort of close to paleo/ slowcarb if that helps. Most of my BJJ classes are in the late afternoon or at night. is it ok to do a light workout while fasting, eat a big lunch, do BJJ then eat one more big meal?

Did hodgetwins take steroids

did hodgetwins take steroids


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