Cara suntik steroid

The result of the research. The descriptions of the respondents who use Oral Pil are 2030 years old (76,7%), Moslems (93,3%), high school graduated (83,3 %) laborer and house wife (23,4 %). The descriptions of respondences KB Injection are 20-30 years old 68,3%, Moslems 86,7%, high school graduated 71, 7% labourer 26, 7%. From bivariate analysis, it is found pairet test sample West for Oral Pil P=0,002 (P<0,05), so there is difference of the weight before and after using injection. From the two pairet test and sample West. It is know that there is relationship between the using Oral Pil and injection with increasing of weigh. Beside on the independent sample West it is known P=0,797 (P>0,05) so there is no significant difference on the increasing of the weight between the pill users and injection users. The multivariate analysis with partial correlation test. It is known P=0,771 (P>0,05) so there is no difference on increasing weight between using pill and injection base on the length of using contraception means. So it can be said that the length of using pill and injection as contraception means is not meaningful in influencing the increasing the weigh.

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Cara suntik steroid

cara suntik steroid


cara suntik steroidcara suntik steroidcara suntik steroidcara suntik steroidcara suntik steroid