Anabolic technologies h-50 halo

Many advanced users stack several compounds in order to get maximum results from their cycle. Normally when your stacking these types of supplements its best to use single compounds instead of premixed stacks. The problem with using a premixed stack is you may get more of one compound than you want. Most of these products have sweet spots. Lets use h-drol for an example according to many of the forums out there 75mg is the sweet spot for this compound. Now lets say you have a halodrol product that is mixed with 10mg of Methylstenbolone. In order to get the proper amound of hdrol you will get more than the recommended dose of M-sten. 

I took this PH about 2 years ago as a freshman in college.
At 6'2" it is hard to pack some lean muscle and felt like i was hitting a plateau.
Cycle began i was at 182 lbs 13% bf
Cycle ended i was at 195 lbs 12% bf

I cycled for 6 weeks with Vital Labs Halodrol.
However i think the gains were all made by Xtreme Mass because i later (7 months ) tried Halodrol itself and only gained about 6 lbs with an extremely dirty diet.

During the Xtreme mass cycle my diet was heavy. about 2 - 4 g of carbs per pound
1g of protein per pound
and 1 g of fat per pound
one - two gallons of water (i was pissing like a horse) with BCAA and test booster powder mixed in
My mornings would consist of a mass gainer. Russian Bear Mass Gainer. half scoop.
3 meals throughout the day.
Protein shake before and after the gym.
Half scoop of the mass gainer before bed.

It wasn't until week three that my body changed
my muscles were rock solid and everybody complemented my bulked physique.
Strength took off during this third week i started bench at 155 lbs and ended by adding a whole 90 lbs! that was insane! Squatting also went up by 75 lbs and my dead lifts increase by 140 lbs.

The cons.
My nipples got sensitive and a bit fatter, something that i was fine with no big deal.
I received no acne whatsoever anywhere! This was a really big plus considering i was double stacking with Halodrol by vital labs.
My biggest complain was the lethargy i got from the product. Oh boy, around 2 weeks in my energy was depleted! The PH was so strong in the gym it tired me out, i believe my body was trying to get used to the substance.
Around week 4 the lethargy was less noticeable.

I just ordered my second bottle of xtreme mass today, i am extremely excited to add this to my bulk and run it again after 2 long years!

I am currently at 199 lbs 9 % bf
Trying to stay at 9% bf and reach 210 lbs.

I will write another post to let you know how this cycle works!
Best PH between Halodrol, Epistane, Xcel's mutant mass.

Anabolic technologies h-50 halo

anabolic technologies h-50 halo


anabolic technologies h-50 haloanabolic technologies h-50 haloanabolic technologies h-50 haloanabolic technologies h-50 haloanabolic technologies h-50 halo